What is 1-800-DENTIST

Many people don’t realize how long some of the most recognizable businesses have been around for. Moviefone has been around regionally since 1989 even though many people may only know it form its online presence (or Seinfeld syndication). Many people also are only now becoming aware of 1-800-DENTIST with its online presence even though the company has been in existence since 1986!

For those still not in the know, 1-800-DENTIST was founded by a couple of guys in Los Angeles in 1986. Company co-founder Fred Joyal had a background in advertising and was pretty adept at writing ad copy. One of his contemporaries had the rights to this crazy phone number, so they decided what the heck! With a $30,000 birthing allowance, 18 partner dentists in the Los Angeles area, and Fred Joyal’s advertising experience they were off to the races. What began in Los Angeles on a microscopic budget and a single radio station has blossomed into one of the most recognizable brands in the nation.

What is 1-800-DENTIST: Okay so you’ve heard their radio ads, you’ve seen them on TV, you’ve heard people talk about them, you may have even uttered the phrase yourself (“1-800-DENTIST”) but what are they? Well 1-800-DENTIST is a 24 hour a day, 365 day a year phone service which operates on two floors in the very posh Los Angeles Howard Hughes Corporate Park. Folks from all over the country can call in and query the 1-800-DENTIST operators for questions about who to go to for braces, broken teeth, implants, dentures, crowns, whitening, extraction, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, or just general cleanings and exams, based off of the 1-800-DENTIST registry for both approved and area dentists.

How Much Does 1-800-DENTIST Cost? For the consumer, the service is free! 1-800-DENTIST has free operators available to take your calls any day, any time. 1-800-DENTIST also has grown in recent years and today has an impressive and always growing online presence. At folks can learn more about where to find dentists in your area, read real customers comments, research your dental problem, learn about dental care for your children, or you can even click-to-talk with one of 1-800-DENTISTS trained staff who can help to guide you to the right dentist for your situation.

Fads come and go but a business like 1-800-DENTIST seems poised to capture a larger and larger market share. Until dentists themselves get on the air and begin blogging or tweeting about their services and their specialties, you’re just not going to hear from them. Dentistry is maybe one of the less advertised specialties akin with cosmetic procedures or carpenters. You won’t find a tummy tuck with 1-800-DENTIST but you will have access to the largest database of dental specific information anywhere else in America.