How to Use Blog Commenting to Build Backlinks and Traffic

Blog commenting is simple enough: fill in your details leave a comment and you’re done. But what if you want to use your comments as a way to help build backlinks and drive traffic to your website?

The following article will help you with exactly that; this is how you can build backlinks and traffic through blog commenting.

Method 1: CommentLuv blogs

First in this list is to comment on blogs with CommentLuv enabled.

CommentLuv is a Wordpress plug-in that allows a commenter to automatically leave a recent blog post of their own within the comment area. After you’ve placed your information, CommentLuv will scan your blog and display between 5 – 10 recent blog posts to leave. Adding a comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs can help you build a backlink and has a potential for traffic as other readers can click through and visit your comment.

Method 2: DoFollow blogs

For many years, blog used the NoFollow tag within their comments so link-juice wouldn’t be passed to the commenter’s blog. Now, helpful plugins and Wordpress tweaks have given blog owners the choice in DoFollow vs. NoFollow. On a DoFollow blog, simply leave a comment as you normally would and you’ll be awarded with a powerful backlink.

Method 3: Leave a very helpful comment

Hands down, the best way to drive traffic to your own website or blog is to leave a very, very helpful comment. Instead of just saying “nice post!” takes the time to read through and dig into the information, telling your own, asking questions or even disagreeing (but backing your own comment with facts). Those that find your comment helpful will want to know more that you have to offer, click through and visit your site.

Method 4: Reply to other comments

A sneaky (no-brainer) trick to building backlinks and traffic is to just reply to other comments. More often than not, only the blog owner will respond to other commenter’s – now you will be. By commenting on other comments, you’ll not only increase the total amount you have on the post but also build the potential for the other commenter to visit your site or build backlinks.

Method 5: Go for top commenter’s

Finally, a helpful Wordpress plugin that gives you the opportunity to build massive backlinks and traffic is the Top Commenter’s plugin. The Top Commenter’s plugin will display those that have commented on the blog the most. By being in the list, more-often-than-not, your link will be on every page of the blog and have a greater potential for clicks and traffic.