Consumer Review Websites

If you are like most people, you like to do reviews of the merchandise you are considering buying. I am going to list several sites that are able to assist you so that you do not spend all day in front of the computer, just to walk away exasperated and upset with no information that helps you to reach your final decision. A few of the sites that I am going to list do act as merchants as well, however they have a large database of reviews on their sites, which I feel earns this a spot on this list. You are always free to purchase your item from another site, or even somewhere in your local area, the choice is yours.

Site #1 –

This is an online merchant who aside from offering great deals also has reviews from customers and those who purchased the item from somewhere else. They have been very helpful to me in looking at the products that they have. Biggest drawback here is, if newegg does not sell the item, it is not in their database. While that is a disadvantage, it can reduce the amount of time you are spending searching for the correct product as well.

Site #2 –

Once again another online merchant, however if does not have it listed in their database I must wonder if the item does exist. They have an enormous collection of reviews covering almost everything imaginable. Once again, you are free to purchase from them or someone else, however their reviews are almost always helpful.

Site #3 – Yahoo! Shopping

This is going to be a bit confusing if you are not careful; their reviews tend to be heavily saturated with different companies pushing their business. Choose a merchant carefully if you select one you find this way, however the reviews are fairly good. They seem to run consistent with the reviews I have found on other sites.

Site #4 –

This is a site that is strictly devoted to consumer reviews. Search the database for the item you are looking for, as well as you can submit your own review. This site also offers several specialized websites that break their large database down a bit into different categories, which is meant to help reduce the time you spent searching.

Site #5 –

This is the online version of the popular magazine Consumer Reports. They offer reviews from everything imaginable in the house, and outside. Massive library of reviews available here to search.

Site #6 –

feedbackWhile this is another review site, they only feature reviews written by professionals. While a professional opinion can be helpful, I personally prefer a review by someone who has used the item I am researching in their normal daily lives as I will be doing. This to me seems to be a better method; however, some experts are better judges of equipment than the normal consumer. The choice is yours on which type of review you prefer.

Site #7 –

Once again another online review site, this site links the product manufacture’s website to the review, as well as a picture of the item, so you can make sure that you are looking at the exact item you are looking for.

Site #8 –

Another consumer review site that offers reviews on almost anything you can imagine. The reviews are not as good quality wise as some other sites, but they are still helpful in confirming any ideas or thoughts you have about property.

Of course, once you are about sure you want to purchase a specific product, you can always check the merchant’s website as well for a brief last minute review search. Most offer small review databases, and are quite simple to check. Remember to always review the product thoroughly before you make any purchases, so that you are happy with the item.