The Greatest Way to Acquire Free Traffic to Your Website

If there’s one thing that every website owner wants, it’s more traffic. But how do you drive more traffic to your website without resorting to traditional paid marketing methods? Luckily, many methods have been created over the years to do just that: spawn an endless flood of traffic to your website absolutely free.
This article will share five of the most common, proven and effective methods to create free website traffic.

Method #1: Blogging

Blogging is much like a normal website but many additional benefits such as plugins that help increase your search engine ranking, interactivity and the flexibility to become whatever you need it to be. Each day, write a piece of content for your blog this way you’ll have another page indexed on search engines and another reason to share content with the web – the backbone of driving traffic.

Method #2: Video production

Video is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm; did you know that you can create your own set of videos for less than $100 these days? Try creating a set of videos related to your content, place your link in the description (or video) and set back as each day you gain additional chances to send traffic your way.

Method #3: Content submission

traffic-analyticsContent on your website will give a reason for people to come visit but if you want to build backlinks and create a strong web presence you’ll need to begin to submit your content on other websites. You can begin by writing articles for article directories, guest blog on other blogs, release a press release and many other methods – the point is to create content on other sites.

Method #4: Social media

Social media doesn’t have to stop at just talking to your friends and family; social media is actually one of the easiest ways to begin driving free traffic to your website. There are literally thousands of social media websites on the web; however, the main ones you should focus on should be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and niche forums. As always, share great content and interact with users this way you give them additional incentive to click your links and visit your website.

Method 5: Email lists

Finally, every visitor that you drive to your website gives you the opportunity to make them stick and bring them back over and over again. One of the easiest (and best) ways to keep a person stick to your website is to offer them an incentive to subscribe to your list. Once on your email list, you can send them helpful information that drives them back to you website whenever another email goes out.