Telling the Truth in Your Advertising

Just because your company is working to get the word out about your fabulous products or services in a creative and contagious way, doesn’t mean unsubstantiated claims and dishonest marketing should be part of your advertising efforts. Making claims you cannot support or untrue statements in your marketing will eventually hurt your company in a major way in the long run.

Sometimes, when you are working to be creative, original, and even outrageous in your business’ marketing campaigns, the line between fact and fiction can get a bit blurred. Originality and outrageousness can be really great elements in buzz-worthy and contagiously affective advertising – but make sure you are not making any statements about your product – what it can do, how much it costs, etc. – or your services to the customer that you cannot back up and support. The old adage is true – bad news travels much faster than good news does. And, the negative publicity generated from untruths will kill your customer trust, not to mention your sales may be dead before they ever get off the ground.

campaignIn addition to creating an advertising message that is simple, clear and accessible – you’re also trying to tell customers and potential customers a “story” about your company, your product and/or your services. This “story” needs to be true and accurate. As word spreads and customers talk about your company, information is likely to get distorted naturally (think of the natural course of gossip, or that old child’s game of “telephone.”) If you at least start the flow of information with accurate, truthful claims – you might be able to influence positive chatter. Untrue or unsupported claims in your advertising can really get blown out of proportion through the natural course of word-of-mouth and come back to haunt you.

Before using any marketing or advertising campaign or sending forth a message about your company, products, or services – put it to the truth test. Ask yourself if your company can back up and support every claim you’re making and the product will hold up to the scrutiny of a literal interpretation of the marketing materials. Don’t claim your product will do something it won’t or that your company is offering something that can’t be guaranteed. Keeping your message honest and above board will contribute to building customer trust and loyalty and make your long-term marketing efforts easier.

Important Tips for a Successful Business

If you have been in business for any length of time, you should have customers buying from you. If you are a businessman or woman, here are the absolute best for ways to make the most of what you have.

#1 – Learn about your customers

Learn as much as you absolutely can. Now I’m not just talking about getting to know their names and addresses, but also having an understanding of what it is that they want. If you are in a retail business for example, you should be able to add a service to the existing business that you have. Adding a new service can generate tons of extra revenue for your business, but this is something you have to creatively think about. Try thinking outside of the box with this one.

#2 – Try Newsletters or mailing list

send-newslettersOnce you’ve gathered information from your clients, you may want to put them on an informational newsletter or mailing list about the new services or products that your business is going to offer. But also keep in mind people don’t just want to hear about how truly great your business is. They want to know exactly how you can help them. They want to know how they will benefit from your business, or from the services that your business is offering. Remember, it’s all about the customer. You may want to throw an occasional jokes, funny phrases, interesting facts and local events. Here’s a tip that I’ve learned: whatever it is that you write about yourself also include things about someone else or something else. Offering variety will stop your customer from dumping the letter in the garbage can.

#3 – Use your customers information to promote the other people’s products or services

This is what we like to call a joint venture. If you’re the one that has the customer list tried to find someone that has a product or service that might tend to your customers needs. This is a great way to make money fast with what you have, but also make sure that you are tracking the results. This is something I would only do with someone that I knew and trusted very much because it is very easy to be taken advantage of in this situation.

#4 – Use other people’s customer lists to promote your product or service

Make sure to give them their share as well. This happens all too often the people rip off others not trying to think about the future. I often give the individual a percentage of the proceeds for many reasons, they will most likely promote with you again in the future, they will recommend you to their friends that may have other huge customer lists, and if you use this leverage you can rest assure that you will gain more customer information and increase your business revenue.